Note 1

The College is concerned that any complaints which cannot be resolved with the individual(s) concerned or with the help of the relevant Director of Studies are investigated carefully. Students who submit a completed Complaint Form may be invited first to discuss the complaint with a member of staff in the Student Progress Service to help clarify its nature. If you are able to provide a telephone number and/or your e-mail address, it will make it easier for the Student Progress Service to contact you. If you do not supply a telephone number or e-mail address, you will be contacted by letter.

No action will be taken in the case of complaints made anonymously.

Note 2

a) Student can make a formal complaint about a service or member(s) of staff or a student within the College where it has not been possible to resolve the problem with the service or individual(s) concerned.

b) The College has complementary policies about expectations in respect of dignity at work and study, racial equality and equality of opportunities. Students wishing to make a complaint about actions which are contrary to these policies should do so by completing the student complaint form/procedure. They should also make it clear that their grievance relates to one of these specific policies. Students should follow the Dignity at Work and Study Code of Practice until the formal stage, at which point the Student Complaints Procedure should be invoked.

c) Academic and Disciplinary appeals will not be considered at any stage under this procedure, but are subject to the Academic Appeals Procedure and Disciplinary Procedure for students respectively. The Head of the Student Progress Service shall determine whether a complaint shall proceed if the subject of the complaint is still under consideration through any other recognised College procedure.

d) It is expected that you will have attempted to resolve the matter about which you wish to complain by raising it with the individual(s) concerned or that you have consulted your tutor or supervisor. It is your responsibility to raise your concerns at an early stage with those most directly involved and/or with those capable of resolving matters at a local level before making use of this formal complaints procedure.

e) If you decide that you do need to complete this form, you may find it helpful to read the Student Handbook/College Policies & Procedure. These documents explain the level of service you can expect from the College and, in turn, what is expected from you.

f) You should note that it is important to lodge a complaint as soon as possible after the event in question, as delays are likely to make it more difficult to investigate and resolve them. Complaints received more than 6 months after the event(s) in question will not normally be investigated.

g) This procedure relates to registered students of the College. The Procedure may also be followed by students who have left the College within the last 6 months.

Your consent

If the Student Progress Service is to pursue your complaint, it will need to take the matter up with all those concerned and it can only do this with your consent.

What Happens Next?

As explained above, once you have made a formal complaint by completing a form, the Administration will acknowledge receipt of your form within 7 working days and may invite you to a meeting to clarify your complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved at this initial meeting, then we will proceed with further investigations as quickly as possible. It should be recognised that it can take some time to gather and consider all the necessary information as well as giving both parties the opportunity to comment on any submitted material. We will endeavour to complete its investigation within 4 months of the receipt of the Complaints Form. Please note that a conclusion cannot be guaranteed within this period, however, you should be informed of the reasons should a longer period of investigation be required. At the outcome of the investigation you will be notified in writing of the result.