Following is the procedure for recording daily attendance and follow-up actions:

  1. Attendance Assistant prepares an attendance sheet before each class and hands it over to the lecturer who takes attendance.
  2. All arrivals within the first 15 minutes are marked as “Present” and anybody arriving after 15 minutes is marked as “Late” Those arriving after 30 minutes (without intimation) and/or those leaving earlier than the scheduled finish time are marked as “Absent”.
  3. The tutor puts in appropriate codes against the name of every student on the list. At the end of the class the tutor initials against all entries, signs the sheet and hands it back to the Attendance Assistant who makes any adjustments needed e.g. any authorised absences etc. He inputs the attendance record for each class into the attendance module of our electronic Management Information System.
  4. Designated College officials visit the classrooms randomly and conduct headcounts as an additional measure of attendance monitoring.
  5. Attendance Assistant gets all the sheets approved by the Attendance Manager and files them.
  6. At the close of classes every day emails and SMS alerts are sent to the students who were absent on that day without authorisation. They are required to explain the reasons for their absence.
  7. First Attendance Warning is sent to the students whose cumulative* attendance has fallen below 90% or who have missed 4 possible contacts without authorisation.
  8. Second Warning is sent to the students whose cumulative* attendance has fallen below 85% or who have missed 8 contacts without authorisation. Such students are required to explain the reasons for their absence and to improve their attendance. Proceedings are recorded and a student undertaking is signed and put on student file.
  9. Final Warning is sent to the students whose cumulative* attendance has fallen below 80% or who have missed 10 contacts without authorisation. This warning should serve as a last chance for the student to avoid being reported to the UKBA for 10 missed contacts.
  10. Students who have missed 10 learning and teaching sessions (or points of expected contacts) are reported to the UKVI within 10 days of the 10th missed contact. Such students are also sent a letter stating that they have been reported to the UKVI and that if they fail to report their admission with the college would be cancelled.
  11. UKVI is informed using the appropriate and prescribed systems about the following occurrences, whichever occurs first:
    1. A student has missed 10 points of Expected Contacts – these include but are not limited to attending a lecture, a meeting with tutor or college official, submitting an assessed or non-assessed coursework, attending a test/examination etc.
    2. Cumulative attendance of a student has fallen below 80%.
  12. If the college is satisfied with the response from a student to the warnings and his/her efforts to improve attendance, UKVI is informed of the same.
  13. Those students who have been issued a final warning and have been reported to the UKVI and still fail to satisfy the college about their attendance levels remaining below 80% are expelled from the college within 2 weeks of being reported to the UKVI.

The College takes all possible actions in its power to track the whereabouts of any students who have continuously been non-attending or have been expelled. It provides all relevant information to the UKVI that will help them to identify and locate such students.

Note: Cumulative attendance is calculated over one academic term.